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  • Spacious tents (4 m wide x 8 m long) with en-suite dressing area, shower, toilet and private veranda.
  • Insect proof, open air dressing room, shower & toilet to heighten the experience of living as one with your surroundings (complete
    privacy assured)
  • Lighting and power socket for charging electronic equipment.
  • Full size wrought iron beds & mattresses.
  • Pillows, Duvets, bathrobes, towels.

Each sleeping tent consists of a bedroom measuring 4 metres (13 feet) by 3 ½ metres (11 ½ feet), a dressing area measuring 4 metres (13 feet) by 1 metre (3 ½ feet) and a separate shower and toilet each measuring 2 metres (6 ½ feet) by 1 metre (3 ½ feet).

The dressing area, shower and toilet are all “open air” so as to heighten the experience of living as one with your surroundings. Despite being able to enjoy some breathtaking views as you prepare yourself for the day ahead, privacy is still assured due to the clever design of our tents.

And a cover made from ‘insect proof’ netting ensures that the bathroom and dressing room areas are a sealed unit with the sleeping area so as to keep out unwelcome visitors.

Rest assured that in the unlikely event that it rains during your stay with us, then the main tent flysheet can easily be extended by our camp crew so as to ensure that all of the tent remains dry at all times.

As an added convenience, each tent is provided with enough power for lighting as well as for charging mobile telephones, cameras and laptop computers. This power is made available through a system of inverters and batteries which are charged by the camp's generator whist you are out on game drives.

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Unique Stargazer Tents

Stargazer TentIntimate Places Camping is very pleased to announce the creation of the all new “Star Gazer” tents which we believe to be unique on the Tanzanian market.

Based on our very own design, these tents have two large (perfectly waterproof) “windows” in the roof which allow our guests to gaze at the moonlit and starlit African night sky whilst lying in bed! These “windows” can easily be closed during the day to allow for afternoon siestas. In every other respect, the overall design of these tents remain exactly the same as our others to include the “open air” concept incorporated into the dressing room, shower room and toilet.

When making bookings, please remember to specify ‘Star Gazer Tent’ if you would like to enjoy this truly amazing experience!