Camp Zebra

‘Camp Zebra’ is a semi-permanent camp named after the Zebra which follow the Wildebeest during their world famous annual migration. Like the animal it is named after, ‘Camp Zebra’ follows the Wildebeest to the Northern part of the Serengeti National Park in July, August, September and October; to the central part in November and December and to the southern part from January till March.

Camp Zebra is an extension of ‘Intimate Places Camping’, the authentic luxury mobile camping operator. Intimate Places Camping operates in all of the national parks which make up the Northern Tanzania Safari circuit. Because of this association, the quality of your experience at ‘Camp Zebra’ is always assured.

Unlike Intimate Places Camping, which is booked for your very own private and exclusive use, ‘Camp Zebra’ is a shared camp. Accommodation rates are therefore fixed on a per person per night basis and are not subject to variations according to camp locations, guest numbers or durations of stays.

Camp Zebra is closed from the beginning of March till the end of June each year.

Please download the fact sheet from the sidebar for more information about Camp Zebra.'

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