At a glance...

  • Mess tents with verandas for meal-times and comfortable relaxation.
  • Well stocked bar serving a selection of spirits, wines, beers and minerals on an ‘all-inclusive’ basis (champagnes and premium brandies excluded)
  • The all-important camp fire!
  • Driver / Guides accommodation and meals provided (surcharge applies).

We have a number of different ‘mess’ tents of different dimensions which are used according to the size of family or group to be accommodated. The smallest of these is for 2 persons only whereas the largest will accommodate up to 16 people with ease. Our ‘mess’ tents are designed to provide comfortable dining and recreation for those moments when you are not out and about exploring the area and viewing the wildlife and birdlife.

Evenings are spent around the all important camp fire exchanging stories about the day’s events and making plans for the days ahead.

Each camp has a well stocked bar which serves a selection of spirits, wines, beers and minerals, the cost of which is included in our accommodation rates.

Our friendly camp staff will also be delighted to assist you with your laundry requirements, also without extra charge.

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