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Welcome to Intimate Camps

Intimate Camps Tanzania has specialised in operating luxury mobile and semi-mobile camps on the Northern Safari circuit of Tanzania since April 2004.

We invite you to discover our exquisite camps:

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What our Guests say…

Testimonials from Tripadvisor


We stayed in the middle of the biggest wild game reserve in Africa in luxury you could not imagine. I stayed in the world best hotels, but what the staff managed to do concerning food, drinks and entertainment is beyond me given that every drop of water and food have to be transported for miles over unpaved roads. To wake up surrounded by beauty and wildlife is an experience nobody is likely to forget. Thanks to all the staff and delicious food.

“Fabulous in every possible way”

This camp was outstanding in every way. Magical for the family with the kind staff, the Michelin-starred quality food, the excellent and luxurious facilities and tents. Every detail has been attended to. This experience surpassed all of our expectations.

After a 10 hour flight followed by a 40 minute drive from the airport, you can only imagine our delight upon discovering that we would be spending the night in such a beautiful place! Why would anyone want to arrive anywhere else? Thank you for making our first night in Tanzania such a special one…

“Terrific views and super nice staff”

We stayed for 2 nights during, making this the most northern point of our safari. The staff went out of their way to make our family feel welcome and pampered. The phrase “like home” would be just such an understatement. Our home does not come with staff that makes you popcorn or crepe when you just feel like it in the afternoon. At our home, there are no freshly backed muffins and cups of freshly brewed coffee waiting in the morning in front of a tent with breathtaking view…

“Amazing experience”

Just returned from Safari here and so wishing I was still there! This camp is at a bit of a higher elevation so when you wake up you get a stunning view of the Serengeti. Nothing like taking a hot morning shower looking over the herds of animals and gorgeous landscape. Food and service is simply amazing! They take such great care of you. Luxurious yet authentic! Our safari guides were fabulous – so friendly, knowledgeable, made us feel safe and gave us wildlife encounters I still can’t believe we experienced. Can’t imagine that there is anyone better than they are! Thank you for memories I will cherish forever!

“Luxury and very personal”

We stayed here as a late minute alternative. Wow, we were on a two week safari of Tanzania and this Kenya and this was in my top 2 places we stayed. The manager was very friendly. The staff were incredible. Nothing was too much trouble. Accommodation beautiful. Not to mention hearing the elephants trumpeting and eating outside our tent during the night. One night there were 2 zebra at our front door. Very safe, luxurious and restful.

“The ultimate Safari experience”

With a small group of 6 people, we got it all: luxury tented camp in the middle of the bush, lions around, elephants nearby, a guide to bring us to our tent at night, an open jeep safari with night ride view on hundreds of gnus, buffalos, a recent lion kill , a roaring male lion, elephants in the night, sunset with bubbles in the middle of the bush, a night barbecue with armed guards: a never to forget experience

“Hard to believe this is real”

This place is somewhat of a mirage in the middle of the Serengeti. We almost felt guilty at how nice it was, but we soon got over that. This is the kind of stay that dreams are made of.

The tents are amazing, you almost forget you’re in a tent. The bathrooms are huge and hot water is available at any point. The staff is amazing, the location is great and the food was delightful. Our night safari even helped us see the one animal we hadn’t seen yet – the elusive leopard! Our only qualm was that we wish we could have stayed longer!

“Exceptional setting, exceptional staff, excellent meals and beautiful sunsets”

We spent three nights here and we were ready to spend a month! To watch the sun light creep across the plain in the morning from this hillside retreat was a wonderful way to greet the day. And the sunsets were equally spectacular! The meals are sumptuous and the dining room is without compare. The rooms are spacious and very comfortable and that is an understatement. All in all it was an exceptional stay and yes, we would return.

“Just Fantastic!”

My wife and I recently spent a weekend away at Buffalo in the Serengeti. What a wonderful place and great weekend. We did a safari drive in their open safari vehicle on the way to the Lodge. Wow – it was awesome. We were especially impressed with the amount and variety of swala (Hartebeast, Topi, Impala, Grants & Thompson Gazelle, Water Buck, Eland etc etc). The food was especially wonderful, with some excellent variety – BBQ, Pasta’s, Salads etc. Really enjoyed the meals. Also – they lit a large open fire which we stood around at night and chatted.

“One-of-a-kind experience”

Siringit Serengeti Camp has truly exceeded my highest expectations and deepest dreams. It is a rather new, affordable, yet amazingly luxurious sleeping and dining experience in the middle of the Serengeti park. Its approx 10 very spacious luxury tents includes single, double and twin accommodations, each with a generous bath room including a hot private shower and large toilet. Public areas include a luxury tent styled as a lounge and another as a dinner room. Decorations and furniture were right on dot to breath a unique experience. The staff was very accommodating from the first welcome to the last goodbye and all possible instances in between, including the daily pre-dinner cocktail truly overlooking the most unique fire pit, endless plains and sunset combination. I strongly advise this location to each Serengeti safari tourist seeking just that little extra to add to an unforgettable experience! .


My husband and I are a couple of jaded New Yorkers and were a little nervous about “camping” in the Serengeti. This place was just magical. I actually got a little misty eyed a few times because it was so perfect. The staff (shout out to Big Freddie + Co.) was incredible. We didn’t deserve their kindness. Each morning we were awaken with coffee brought to our tent. They took care of us better than we could care for ourselves. Somehow the chef managed to create masterpieces in a damn TENT kitchen. The food was delicious and he is so so talented. Our tent was gorgeous and luxurious. On our final morning, we opened our windows to find a majestic giraffe right there, casually eating. I don’t want to tell anyone about this perfect piece of heaven because I’m so selfish and want it to just be our place. Thank you so much to the staff! I hope we find our way back to this camp again.


Intimate Places Tanzania have continuously received the prestigious Safari Awards in different categories: