Serengeti National Park


Visitors to Tanzania wishing to experience the miracle of the Great Wildebeest Migration, which is reputed to be the largest mass movement of animals on our planet, need look no further than Camp Zebra. With spacious and comfortable accommodation, Camp Zebra is a seasonal camp which has been especially designed to closely follow the migrating animals as they make their way around the Serengeti National Park.


Camp Zebra is staffed by a dedicated crew of butlers, chefs and tent attendants, all of whom are mentored by the property’s highly experienced Camp Manager. The camp consists of 6 accommodation tents, a two-bedroomed family tent and separate lounge and dining tents.

The accommodation tents, which are all new for the 2019/20 season, measure 36 square metres each (or 360 square feet) and consist of a verandah, bedroom area, dressing area and ensuite shower and toilet. Showers are “Safari” or “bucket” showers and toilets are normal ceramic flush toilets. All tents may be used for single, double or triple occupancy.

The family tent, which measures 65 square metres (or 650 square feet) consists of a private lounge area, two bedrooms, two separate dressing areas and two ensuite showers and toilets.

Main Camp

During the course of each day, the camp’s dining and lounge tents provide ample space for relaxation when our guests are not out on game drives exploring the wildlife, birdlife and incredible nature to be found in the Serengeti National Park. Wireless internet is also always available throughout the day and night for the convenience of all our guests.

Weather permitting, meals are normally enjoyed outdoors ‘al fresco’ nearby the all-important campfire where drinks and delicious pre-dinner bitings are also served.

Also to be found in the camp’s dining tent is an ‘open’ bar which stocks an extensive selection of international spirits, no fewer than six different bottled wines, beers and minerals, the cost of which is included as part of each stay. For more information about the beverages on offer, please click here.


The activities which will be available for you to enjoy whilst with us will be dictated to a large extent by the location of the camp at the time of your visit. Activities which are normally available include game drives to view the spectacular array of wildlife, birdlife  and nature to be found in the Serengeti and early morning balloon safaris which allow you a spectacular birds-eye view of your surroundings.

Camp Zebra is geared up to be able to provide full-service bush breakfasts, lunches and evening sundowners. Our guests tell us that there is something magical about rounding a corner on a track and finding a sumptuous meal spread out waiting for them, particularly when the meal has been arranged as a surprise!


Between July and the end of October, the camp is located in Northern Serengeti National Park close by the Mara River where the magnificent spectacle of Wildebeest crossings can be viewed. These crossings are among the very best wildlife experiences to be had anywhere in the world.

Between the middle of December and the end of March, the camp is located in the Ndutu area in Southern Serengeti National Park where our guests are able to witness firsthand the birthing season when literally hundreds of thousands of baby wildebeest are born.

This full circuit enables our guests not only to better understand the Great Wildebeest Migration, but also to share in the many other wonderful experiences to be enjoyed in the Serengeti National Park.

The Environment

It is reassuring to know that Camp Zebra has been the recipient of numerous international awards in recognition of its sound environmental practices.  Camp Zebra is always set up on pristine sites and whenever it moves, it leaves behind the same pristine conditions which are found upon arrival. We literally take everything away including rubbish which is returned to Arusha for proper disposal.

In addition to this, all power in camp is generated through a network of solar panels which generate the power for lighting as well as to charge personal electronic equipment, even in each guest accommodation tent.

Hot water is produced in highly efficient boilers which have been especially manufactured for Camp Zebra.

Please click here for more information about our commitment to the environment.